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Web3 Lunchdate - a metaverse marketing director shares her insights

Lumily Labs (Interviewer): Welcome, everyone, to this exclusive interview with Claudia, the former Director of Marketing for VCOIN and VCORE at Together Labs. Claudia’s journey into the world of web 3 and the metaverse is a fascinating one, filled with insights and experiences that shed light on this evolving landscape.

Lumily Labs (Interviewer): Claudia, could you share how your journey into web 3 began?

Claudia: Certainly. My journey into web 3 was inspired by respected friends and colleagues who had already ventured into the space. Since 2017, I’ve been going to meet-ups and really connecting with people. When I lived in Shanghai and worked for multiple blockchain projects. So I got really deep into the space. When I moved back into the US I founded my own BTC Atm. After I founded my own company, I joined Together Labs as the director of Marketing. IMVU is one of the largest Metaverses with 4 Million active users and 600,000 rooms to explore.

Lumily Labs (Interviewer): It’s clear that you’ve seen the landscape evolve over time. Do you think it’s easier for people to get into the web 3 space now?

Claudia: Yes, it’s definitely become more welcoming for newcomers. However, there is still a knowledge gap where many enthusiasts don’t fully understand the core fundamentals of blockchain technology, which is really important.

Lumily Labs (Interviewer): Let’s talk about your time at Together Labs and the metaverse. What contributed to the platform’s success?

Claudia: Together Labs’ metaverse platform IMVU has been around since 2004 and achieved success through its unique community-driven model. It’s entirely developed and run by the community, which fosters a sense of ownership and participation. When we introduced blockchain technology, we focused on educating users about its capabilities, like true asset ownership and interoperability while using easy vocabulary, so they understand it.

Lumily Labs (Interviewer): You mentioned users earning from participating in the metaverse. Can you elaborate on how this works?

Claudia: Certainly. The idea is to reward users who actively engage and add value to the platform. In the metaverse, users can create avatars that serve as virtual extensions of themselves. By wearing virtual products or engaging in activities, users can build connections and earn rewards.

Lumily Labs (Interviewer): Brands are increasingly entering the metaverse. How do you see this playing out?

Claudia: Brands entering the metaverse can create deeper connections with users by offering virtual extensions of their products. Users can interact with these products through their avatars, bridging the gap between the virtual and physical worlds.

Lumily Labs (Interviewer): Do you have a favorite brand engagement experience in the metaverse?

Claudia: Absolutely. One of my favorite experiences was collaborating with ‘shoes53045’ We launched an NFT marketplace campaign, allowing users on the platform to redeem virtual versions of their products. This campaign showcased the potential for meaningful brand interactions within the metaverse.

Lumily Labs (Interviewer): Claudia, how are brands currently utilizing the metaverse and blockchain to connect with their audience?

Claudia:Brands are creatively using NFTs with unique superpowers to engage users within the metaverse. These NFTs exhibit exciting effects like lightning bolts or snowflakes, adding a dynamic element to the virtual experience.

Lumily Labs (Interviewer): Could you explain how these virtual experiences are built within the metaverse?

Claudia: Of course! Brands are setting up themed rooms and spaces within the metaverse, aligning with their products. Users are then encouraged to explore these rooms while wearing free virtual items provided by the brand. These virtual items, often with superpowers, can even be activated on social media platforms, enhancing engagement.

Lumily Labs (Interviewer):That’s fascinating. What key performance indicators (KPIs) are brands focusing on in these metaverse campaigns?

Claudia: Brands often prioritize KPIs related to engagement and activation. The goal is to establish a deeper connection with the audience. Brands want users to not only interact within the metaverse but also to showcase their engagement on existing social platforms, such as Instagram and Snapchat, extending the reach beyond the metaverse itself.

Lumily Labs (Interviewer): When it comes to choosing the right metaverse, what factors make a metaverse appealing to brands?

Claudia: The choice of metaverse depends on the brand’s objectives. Different metaverses attract distinct audiences. Newer platforms like Decentraland and The Sandbox have captured the attention of a crypto-savvy audience, while established metaverses boast a broader user base. Brands should align their choice of metaverse with their target audience and campaign goals.

Lumily Labs (Interviewer):Building and engaging a community within the metaverse seems crucial. Could you share your insights on how brands can accomplish this?

Claudia: Absolutely. Building and nurturing a metaverse community is vital. Users are drawn to the metaverse for the sense of connection and entertainment. Brands should actively involve the community by making them feel like part of the team. Transparency is key, and users should be advocates of the project. Involving the community in decision-making processes, like beta testing and core development, fosters engagement and keeps users invested in the project’s success.

Lumily Labs (Interviewer):Lastly, Claudia, what are your thoughts on the future of the metaverse? Are there any trends or developments you anticipate?

Claudia: The future of the metaverse holds great promise. We can expect more brands to venture into the metaverse to leverage its potential for engagement. Additionally, AI integration within the metaverse is on the horizon, as seen in recent developments like those showcased in the new iPhone. Automation and enhanced experiences are likely to shape the future of the metaverse.

Image: Claudia Olah, Former Marketing Director of Metajuice


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